Jackies on the Reef – Negril, Jamaica


Media coverage of Jackie’s On The Reef

Caribbean Travel and Life – April 2007

One Love, One Heart “A raging stress victim’s search for inner peace on a mind-body-spirit retreat to Jamaica.” Writer: Dave Herndon; Photography by Steve Simonson

Essence Magazine – September 2005

The Wind at My Back “Water poured through my spa. I knew I had to put things back together. Giving up was simply not an option.” Writer: by Jackie Lewis as told to Jeanine Amber

Spa Finder – September/October 2003

Spa Finders Reader’s Choice Awards “With their healing atmosphere and sense of community, spas are safe places to explore an array of spiritual practices. Expert and compassionate teachers show the way at these spas, which you cited for the variety and depth of their spiritual offerings.”Jackie’s on the Reef, Jamaica–Best Spirituality Programs

Caribbean Travel & Life – May 2003

The Paradise Within Jackies Lewis urges those who want to follow in her footsteps: “Listen to your inner voice, be clear about what you want, go for your dreams and have faith.” Writer: Kathleen M. Mangan

Oprah Magazine – January 2001

Are You Listening To Your Life? (The story of transformation) Jackie Lewis traded in her city life for a spa in Jamaica. Ms. Lewis- “even as a child I listened to my inner voice.”

Like A Natural Woman – January 2001

Author: Ziba Khafef

NY Times – December 31st 2000

At Jackie’s on the Reef in Jamaica, “the sea and sky are part of the cooling out process” — Writer: Luchina Fisher

Heart And Soul Magazine – August-September 1999

Time To Unwind “Fireside chats with Jackie about the moon music and art, listening to the ocean, looking at blinkies, Jamaica’s massive lightning bugs, made my day” Writer: Sheba Stratman

Essence Magazine – January 1988

Jackies Temple On A Reef Learn how a sister transforms setbacks into