Jackies on the Reef – Negril, Jamaica

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Jackie's Mission

Jackie's was created as a small temple of Peace. We are of no particular Faith, and look at life from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective. We are here to assist anyone on their path of remembering and reconnecting to Self and Nature in a very simple and natural way. We are holding this space for you to shift gears, and have the courage of opening up to change. It’s all about believing in Self and learning to love oneself.
Here at Jackie’s we support fellow beings on their spiritual path whether it be with Nature, Knowledge, Yoga, Meditation or a wonderful treatment by the sea. It is now the time to discover why you are here on planet Earth. Jackie's allows you the peace and quiet time to go deeper on your quest.

Take A Magical Journey

As you enter the gates of JOTR,  you become aware of something different. A calming energy wafting through the air. YES!  Jackie’s is the place to de-stress, detox, rejuvenate and connect to your spiritual Self and Nature. Jackie’s is set on an old coral reef overlooking the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea.

You can see 180 degrees of the curvature of Mother Earth. You then realize, OMG, you are sitting on a ball .

No matter where you sit, morning, noon or night, the sea will take you. You become mesmerized by the sound of the sea roaring and by listening to the different birds singing their songs. What a wonderful opportunity to change your inner movie!

Remember! Where you place your attention, you are setting the stage for your own movie in life.

Jackie’s is the perfect safe and serene space to reconnect back to your light being. When you have anger or resentment that is coming up, you know that you are not vibrating from your highest purpose, a light being.

Jackie’s is an eco-friendly Wellness, Guesthouse and Spa. We catch rain water and use it for all of our needs. There are 2 water filters on the water line of the kitchen and drinking water. All our vegetables and fruit are locavore, coming from our organically grown gardens or local farmers.

The buildings are built from old Coral that have turned to Lime Stone over thousands of years, which we use exclusively from our own land. Lime Stone then turns to Crystal over thousands of years. We always ask Nature for guidance.

Our main house has a large open veranda with a beautiful view of the Caribbean sea, where you can witness every evening a magical sunset. You are always getting a wonderful breeze from the trade winds.

Each morning you are offered Yoga & Meditation followed by breakfast, which is all a part of your daily rate.

JOTR is ideal for retreats, workshops or groups.  Packages are available.


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